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Our three workshops each focused on different areas where we could widen the boundaries of current thinking.


Business Psychologist Helena Taylor Knox explored with us the different types of human behaviour and how the way that we are experiencing the world at the moment colours what we are valuing, how we feel, what we are paying attention to and the meaning we give to what is happening. We see things not as they are - but as we are. She also took us through research that identified the five levels of leadership:


  1. A leader who has both talent and skills in their field

  2. Leaders who have a group focus and an ability to teamwork effectively

  3. The 'Competant Manager' who organizes people in an efficient way to achieve their goals

  4. Recognized by the presence of vision and the ability to compel their group to follow that vision

  5. At the top 'Great Leaders' posess the qualities of modesty and humility combined with a fierce professional will.


Tracy Rose, Marketing Director of SCQuARE showed how we can push the boundaries to:


  • Achieve longer term, higher value client relationships

  • Win more business

  • Be recognised for adding value and driving higher ROI

  • Do it better than your competitors

  • Get proposals right first time, increasing margin and improving WLB of employees


Patrick Collister examined creativity and the way creative people work and got us thinking about ideas in relation to:


  • The importance of names

  • The role of a logo

  • The use of colour and style

  • The environment

  • The importance of sound

  • Functionality cues

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