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Innovation Summit


As the line continues to blur between the services offered by promotion, direct, advertising, interactive and PR agencies, the most trusted "partners" are being asked to provide a much broader range of marketing services to accelerate their clients growth.


New product creation and development, alternative growth strategies, brand positioning, innovative distribution and trade programs, and even creative research methodologies are all now parts of the marketing services mix that traditional marketing service companies are expected to deliver to clients. What specific creative strategies, methodologies, and ideation processes can todays's marketing service companies employ to insure a continuing stream of innovative concepts.... while helping their clients suceed in driving greater revenue growth and profitability?


This conference, themed the "Innovation Summit" is designed to answer the "what" and, as importantly, "the how" of offering new innovative marketing services to your clients. Among the topics covered were:


  • How to strategize with your clients' "white space" opportunities including new markets, products, services and distribution channels

  • How to create, research and develop new product ideas

  • How to enlist your clients customers and vendors as growth partners

  • How to use innovative research methodologies (i.e. iterative insight mining, and ethnography) to identify new growth opportunities

  • How to employ focused, "high-probability-of-success" group ideation techniques to generate breakthrough ideas for a wide range of creative marketing challenges


The Innovation Summit was led by Gary Fraser and Bryan Mattimore co-founders of The Growth Engine Company

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