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This conference hosted three expertly moderated workshops: 


Workshop 1


Provided key insights on how to accelerate company growth, building long-term sustainable business profitability and how to maximize your agency's capital value. The moderator was Allison McSparron-Edwards, Managing Director of Consultrix UK.


WorkShop 2


This highly interactive session explored how to inspire creativity from everyone in the office, not just the Creatives. We were introduced to a Creative Problem Solving Process that had its origins in the agency world to help us to apply deliberate creative thinking to both creative and buainess challenges. The moderator was Patrizia Sorgiovanni who is a lecturer at the CREA conference in Europe.


Workshop 3


This was a talent focused workshop all about inspirng and motivating your team. It showed us how to energize and stimulate them to achieve success for themselves and the Agency. This was moderated by Ray King who is a major franchise holder for Leadership Management UK




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