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The theme “Retooling your business” - Leading Change for Clients’ Emerging Needs heralded a call to action for each MAAW member to focus their attention on measurement and ROI, big ideas that are channel agnostic and transform data analytics into actionable insights.


Our industry has gone through some major changes over the last decade. Everything you know today can change on a dime, couple this with marcomm companies now managing multiple channels all with their own competitors. Consumers aren’t playing by the same rules as in the past and have all the control. With all these changes taking place how do we take control and lead the agency changes required to win in this new environment.


In our MAAW Peer Group Discussions (workshops) we started the process by reviewing best practices and outlining the strategies needed in the coming years to succeed around three key areas.

In a recent CMO / agency study, both client and agency decision-makers agreed that three key trends will directly impact the future value of agencies to their clients. They expect the following:


  • Increased focus on measurement and ROI, in relation to value of ideas

  • Increased capabilities to deliver ideas that work across all channels

  • Enhanced abilities to transform big data analytics into meaningful and actionable insights


We now need to “walk the talk,” well beyond the tactics, and develop the strategies required to implement the structural changes needed to succeed. This Nice summit and workshops centered on an inspiring peer-to-peergroup discussion that again showed the unique benefits of MAAW membership, which you cannot get anywhere else.


Key Note Speakers

Camilla Davison, EMEA Category director. Kimberly-Clark 


Camilla is a creative consumer marketer with a passion for driving consumer behaviour change. She has experience in developed and emerging markets, and currently leads HUGGIES marketing across EMEA.


Susan O’Brien, Vice President Canadian Tire


Susan is responsible for the development and execution of marketing and branding d strategies for canadain tire’s $7bn five business retail divsions


Our two keynote contributors addressed:


  1. The changes Agencies need to implement to demonstrate expertise in ROI and their ability to convert data analytics into actionable insights?

  2. What capabilities are essential disciplines when deploying ideas that work across all channels?

  3. What are organisations and procurement looking for from their agency to address ROI, channel agnostic ideas and data analytic conversions into actionable insights and how do they rate them as requirements?


Our Workshops

Using the Key Note Presentations as stimulus material, we split into two groups to challenge and debate the keynote subject matter to increase its relevance to our specific businesses and add valuable insights drawn from our own practical experiences. And finally, develop the action points that can be implemented when we returned to work.


Each group was  led by one of our MAAW members, with the skills and experience to lead group discussions. 

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