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Rio De Janeiro

The conference put together the key driving elements that make up the digital jigsaw.


Kieron Matthews, Conference Chair opened the conference highlighting the methodologies for delivering solid digital strategies and how digital all fits together.


Allister Frost, Microsoft demonstrated why brands are no longer in control and online conversations can disrupt the most carefully planned marketing campaign.


Matthew Yeomans, SMI explained why the power of social media for companies lies in its ability to connect with and gain insight from real people online.


Eduardo Camargo, Colmeia gave us insights into how digital can seamlessly engage our clients’ consumers in brand messaging.


Marcio Garcez, Google showed how the digital era has changed everything - from people to brand's behaviour, and how we've been experiencing a complete new way of communication.


Brian Crotty, Digitas explained how corporations and clients alike are struggling and are searching for digital partners to bring the theory to life and give their business a competitive edge.


Daniel Couto, Hybris demonstrated how digital channels work in harmony with more traditional communications to enhance and make our messaging simple and seamless.

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