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Best In The World 2014

MegaFon, a leading Russian Telco, needed to leverage their partnership in the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi and reinforce consumer trial of its Mobile Number Portability (MNP) service.


Most Russians saw the Olympics as being "too official and unapproachable". MegaFon’s Agency, Axis, decided to change this by encouraging visitors to the Olympic Park to leave their own personal mark in Olympic Games history, “The World’s first Selfie Building”, powered by Megafon’s high-speed 4G LTE system.


Visitors to the Olympic Park Pavilion and in 30 Cities throughout Russia, had their faces scanned in specially constructed booths. These ‘3D selfies’ appeared on the façade of the Pavilion, enlarged to a massive 8m x 6m. A live online stream allowed everyone to know when their ‘3D selfie’ would appear. Participants also received a 20 second video of their selfie.


People all over Russia created Olympics history, with 140,000 gigantic ‘3D selfies’, 96% of Pavilion visitors considered MegaFon the most innovative mobile brand of the Sochi Olympics, Internet usage increased by 30%, US$12 million in media was created. Finally the Social Medias reach was 14 million.

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