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Best In The World 2015

The 'Samsung SlideLiner' became the ultimate spectator view of a sporting event. Ever !

Samsung's Australian Marketing Communications Agency Traffik, created the most amazingly audacious way for fans to watch a football match.

Along the way they generated over 50% of total Ultra HDTV sales during the Promotion period and has taken out the Marketing Agencies Association Worldwide's 2015 Best of the Best in the World, Red GLOBE and 3 Category GLOBES. Traffik was the highest awarded individual 2015 GLOBES Winner.

The SlideLiner is a world first 4 person 'couch' 'rollercoaster' 'digital immersive experience', designed by a team of specialist engineers, technicians and fabricators, purpose built to run along a 80m track during Australia's biggest Rugby Matches, right next to the action as the game raced end to end.

Fans who bought a Samsung curved UHDTV during the Promotion, had a chance to win seats in the Samsung SlideLiner and slide in-line with the play, controlling their own camera angles and sharing experiences on social media, thereby emulating the experience of watching the game at home on a Samsung Curved UHDTV.

The Samsung SlideLiner Promotion generated $101 Million in earned media, 
coverage in 105 Countries, a massive 3,854% ROI and most importantly, generated over 50% of total UHDTV sales during the Promotion period.

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