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Best In The World 2016

The A3 does fit !

To demonstrate that the new Audi A3 could fit the tight parking spaces in urban Japanese homes, Dentsu actually delivered ‘virtual A3’s’ right to home owners letterboxes, so they could check for themselves.

The ‘Audi Showroom Home Delivery’ Campaign has taken out the 2016 MAA GLOBES Red GLOBE for the Best of the Best Marketing Communication Campaign in the World, announced tonight, during the 2017 MAA Worldwide’s President’s Dinner, which took place at the Royal Automobile Club London.



The ‘Audi Showroom Home Delivery’ Campaign.


In Japan’s bustling cities, large numbers of houses can only accommodate parking for a car measuring 1.8m wide.


This situation was ideal for local car manufacturers. Even if a consumer wished to buy a more expensive car, they couldn’t, because of the lack of parking space.


The new Audi A3 did meet the1.8m wide spec and the challenge for Audi’s Agency Dentsu was to disrupt this ‘urban status quo’ and show prospective owners that one European vehicle was compact enough to fit their parking space.


The Agency decided to deliver the Audi Showroom, in the form of an Audi A3 right to targeted home owners. They did this by combining traditional and digital marketing techniques.


Targeted Home owners found one morning that their home delivered newspaper carried a 1.8m x 1.5m insert, the size of the Audi A3. Unfolded, it would clearly show how the A3 could fit in their parking space. In addition, AR technology, turned the print campaign into full-size 3D images to show prospective owners what a real Audi A3 would look like in their parking space.  Social media played a pivotal role in maximising the Campaign.


The Audi Showroom Home Delivery’ Campaign generated publicity in over 400 media outlets and 3.5 billion yen in advertising value. 20% of home owners who received the folded A3, tried the AR App and the Campaign was listed in the Guinness Book of Records for the “largest newspaper insert”.

(Actual sales details are confidential).


The Campaign also won Category Gold and Silver GLOBES.

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