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Best In The World 2017

A pinch of salt inspired the world’s first rehydration popsicle, quenched the thirst of pilgrims at one of the world’s largest religious festival and helped increase sales of Tata Salt to an all-time high 43% market share.

The Campaign also pinched for The Brand Brewery India, a Red GLOBE for the Best Campaign in the World and a Gold GLOBE for the Best Product launch or Re-launch, in the 31st MAA Worldwide GLOBES recognition Programme.

Tata Salt is India’s leading salt brand with high market share in country’s largest cities.

However, in rural India, consumers involvement in Salt is very low. The general belief is that 'a salt is a salt is a salt'. Tata Salt saw strong potential in these markets and tasked their Agency, The Brand Brewery, to develop a Programme which would create awareness, acceptance (trial) an importantly, new sales, in these rural regions. The State of Odisha was selected for the first test.

Puri is the key city in Odisha, and the holy site for the 1,000 year old Jagannath Rath Yatra Festival, one of the largest religious festivals in India. During the week long annual Festival, three highly decorated wooden chariots, each resembling temple structures, commemorating Lord Jagannath’s annual visit to Gundicha Temple, are paraded along a narrow 2km stretch of road, packed with 1.5 million praying pilgrims.

A major issue which confronted this huge crowd of devotees was dehydration, created by the searing 35° - 40º heat which caused fainting, nausea & in some extreme cases, death. In such extreme climatic situations, the World Health Organisation recommended the use of a Oral Rehydration Solution (ORS), as an effective remedy for fighting dehydration.


Salt plays a major part in a body’s rehydration. However when a body is dehydrated, there’s a loss of sodium found in salt. Armed with this insight, The Brand Brewery decided to create a new ORS, this time with a lemon flavour to enhance the taste without losing any effectiveness.

The agency pushed the envelope further by negotiating with a Popsicle Licencee to manufacture the World’s first ORS based Popsicle.  Food authority approvals were granted and Sehat Ki Chuksi “Energy Popsicles”, were created.

The Jagannath Rath Yatra Festival was the perfect platform to reach out to such a large number of potential consumers. The Agency worked with the Festival Organisers to ensure that there was no offence to the pilgrims. Now came the distribution challenge.

A number of ice cream carts were placed in key strategic locations throughout the parade and teams of staff carrying ice boxes of popsicles, moved amongst the crowd.

Word of mouth replaced advertising and the Energy Popsicles were an instant hit with devotees of all ages. The Tata Salt brand was established in the State of Odisha.

Tata Salt Sales volumes grew by 37% quarter on quarter post Activation and the brand’s volume market share grew 380 basis point, reaching its ever level of 43% in just 2 months after the Promotion. (Source: AC Nielsen)

Tata Salt, in association with The Brand Brewery, will be offering Sehat Ki Chuksi “Energy Popsicles” to devotees not only in the Rath Festival but also in many other big Indian Festivals & Fairs.

Not bad for just a pinch of salt !

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