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Best In The World 2018

The X-Line (Dentsu Group) "The Black Spot" Campaign for Taiwan Star Telecom, takes the Red GLOBE top Spot, for the Best Campaign in the World, in the 32nd MAA Worldwide GLOBES.

According to clinical research, Taiwanese Smart phone users spent more time on their devices, than most other consumers in the world.

As a result of this rapid rise of smart phone use, the World Health Organisation rated Macular Degeneration (MD) as the 3rd major cause of adult blindness and that within the next decade. According to Ophthalmology experts, 1 in 3 Taiwanese would suffer from MD, caused by frequent blue light irradiation.

Mobile Carrier Taiwan Star Telecom is the newest Telco to launch in Taiwan, at a time when 95% of smart phones were dominated by 3 main competitors. 

A black spot is a symptom of MD. To tie in with 2017 World Sight Day and to let the public experience MD themselves, Taiwan Star's Agency, X-Line.(Dentsu Group), Taipei, executed a series of "eye catching" events, with 28 other brand partners, wherein black spots suddenly started to block out web site content on computer and smart phone screens and even in outdoor billboards.

Users were shocked.

The Promotion was overlaid with online patient interviews and highly emotional messages from young school children, pleading with their parents, to look after their eyes.

The Campaign generated huge media and public awareness throughout Taiwan. The footage generated 2 million views with a complete view through rate of 67%. It generated 1,500 messages, more than 8,000 Likes and 5,500 shares on Facebook. More than 40 mainstream media and 100

news outlets reported on the campaign. MD was the hottest Google keyword, this decade.

The Black Spot Campaign raised MD awareness in Taiwan from 30% to 79%. 98% of interviewees said they would start taking care of their eyes. Laws are being considered to encourage regular MD check ups.

The Black Spot Campaign event successfully enhanced Taiwan Star preference by 10%. Users increased by 21% in Q3 2017. The "Black Spot" Campaign, marked the beginning of the end for Macular Degeneration in Taiwan, winning the Red GLOBE for the 2018 Best Campaign in the

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