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Download the 2019 Winners

Download the 2019 Winners






The ability to meet or talk privately with marketing champions who have sold their businesses, organised and managed MBOs or have bought businesses and built international groups is a unique MAA Worldwide member benefit. And it’s covered by your membership fee.



The networking opportunities are invaluable. Fellow peers share their insights and new business opportunities with like-minded members. We guarantee these networking opportunities will provide new and valuable learnings that will change your business for the better. And if you ever need a partner business  to help you with insights on a pitch, or to provide services for you in a different geography, your fellow members are your first point of contact.



Running a marcomms business means sleepless nights! But you’ll be surprised to know that the same things that worry you, worry every other principal, wherever they are in the world. And many have identified the causes and devised solutions that address every issue…and are more than happy to share those precious insights to help you help your business and feel better for it! This unique collaboration is realized through our summit workshops and white papers.



Our members share intelligence and information with each other on and offline and the keynote speakers who attend our summits not only present insights into their markets but also join our unique workshop programme, allowing you to share their expertise and priceless insights with your teams and of course, your clients.


In addition, you will have a number of benefits, as well as access to the GLOBES archives allowing you to see the ideas and processes from across the globe that have resulted in the winners proving they are truly “the best of the best”


The MAA Worldwide is truly unique. Over the past 50 years the association has evolved to meet the demands and ever changing roles of the entrepreneurs it represents. It remains focused on understanding and addressing both the business and personal needs of Principals, CEO’s, Presidents, Directors, and Senior personnel of Marketing Communication companies, including agencies and marketing support organisations, regardless of discipline, sector, size or geography.


The MAA Worldwide has often been described by its members as the “best kept secret” so it’s unlikely that you just stumbled upon us. You were probably introduced to us by a trusted friend, or you heard about us through our GLOBES award programme.


Either way, we're glad you're here.

"Membership provides a wealth of best practices and idea sharing from across the globe"

— Ambika Sharma, CEO, Pulp Strategy, India



  • Membership exclusive to CEO’s, principals and directors of independent agencies and marcomms support companies

  • Membership $1,250 US, limited to three named members per company


  • Executive exchange programme 2018


  • One-on-one expert advice from lifetime members


  • Peer meetings with “member experts” at annual summit


  • Ideation among members, one-on-one or via online forum

  • New business opportunities/advice (member to member)

  • Knowledge share (member to member)

  • Free Access to GLOBES case histories

  • Exclusive template and process for members to invite their clients to judge GLOBE awards

  • Use of MAA Worldwide logo on all company collateral

  • Free attendance at MAA Worldwide summit(s)

  • Free online access to all summit presentations and white papers 


  • Free mentoring sessions


  • Attendance at Summit workshops with ability to pre-order key issues to be addressed and debated at summit.



DUBAI - Spring 2016 Review

Our Summit

NICE - Spring 2015 Review

The summit theme and workshop focused on the need to retool our businesses to meet the new demands of clients and consumers.

VIENNA - Spring 2014 Review

The conference theme was 'Discover Hidden Profits'. A great slate of speakers showed us how hidden profits can be found everywhere if we know where to look.

NEW YORK - Fall 2013 Review

Our conference theme was 'The World Is Speeding Up' and provided original thoughts and insights into agile marketing, how to find and keep innovators and delivering at the speed of tomorrow.  

AMSTERDAM - Spring 2013 Review

The conference theme was 'Pushing The Envelope' and provided our members with unique insights into what makes an agency special, how to grow your business and how you can increase profitability.

CHICAGO - Fall 2012 Review

The Conference theme was 'Taking Charge of Change' and was a masterclass in how brands and retailers are creating changes that we need to embrace to drive our business forward. 

DUBLIN - Spring 2012 Review

The conference theme was 'Uncovering Creativity and Breaking Business Barriers'. We worked with author Martin roper to understand the art of writing, artist Siobhan McDonald to open up our mind to creativity, Gerard O'Neil to turn insights into foresight and Brian Moore on how to exploit personal and business networks. 

RIO DE JANEIRO - Fall 2011 Review

In Rio we gathered together keynote speakers from Microsoft, Digitas, SMI, Colmeia, Hybris, The Digital Consultancy and Google to help us understand and put together the different parts of the digital jigsaw.

BARCELONA - Spring 2011 Review

Business Beyond Boundaries: our three workshops each focussed on different areas where we could widen the boundaries of current thinking - the role of the leader, winning more business and the business of ideas.

WASHINGTON - Fall 2010 Review

This conference brought together eminent key note speakers to challenge our thinking about what issues are increasingly impacting on our business world and what we need to do about them.

MOSCOW - Spring 2010 Review

The conference was entitled 'Fast Forward Your Agency' and was designed to give us the skills to stimulate a fast burst of growth in our agencies. Covering areas such as business efficiency, creativity and team motivation.

BOSTON - Fall 2009 Review

Catch The Next Wave - in Boston we looked at agency selection processes, the role of procurement, commercializing ideas, business development, shopper marketing, talent recruitment and retention. 

PARIS - Spring 2009 Review

Business Not As Usual - Three CEO workshops focusing on creativity, selling and understanding showcased the best business models available to our agencies.

TORONTO - Fall 2008 Review

Our theme 'CEO Strategies for Growth' delivered insights, inspiration and actionable strategies for success. It answered the biggest question facing all CEOs today - how do I grow and compete in these challenging times? 

ROME - Spring 2008 Review

This innovation summit provided new strategies for CEOs and a toolkit of ideation techniques to help us and our clients innovate more successfully.

LAS VEGAS - Fall 2007 Review

Does your agency have the online marketing expertise, creative talent and technical ability to succeed in the digital age? High profile keynote speakers delivered insights across the interactive space.

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Who Can Join?
MAA Worldwide membership is open to Principals, CEO’s, Presidents, Directors, and senior personnel of marketing communication companies including agencies and marketing support organisations regardless of discipline, sector, size or geography.
Due to the unique nature of the MAA Worldwide it is best suited to independent organisations. However, some of our current members started that way and yet despite becoming a part of a group remain very involved, still enjoying the core benefits of MAA Worldwide membership.
If you want to know more please contact our President, Simon Mahoney at
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Please complete the application form below. Once we have approved your membership we will contact you.
And The Cost?
To join this unique organisation costs just $1,250 per year. Membership is limited to 3 persons from each member company.
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